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  • Fighting

    Voodoo Cat

    $1,575.00 Read more

    A 6” blade fighter, the Voodoo Cat is wickedly quick, and maintains a level of concealability that isn’t possible with larger blades.

  • Combat

    SERE Instructor (Serrated)

    $1,380.00 Read more

    Chosen as the official knife of the US SERE Instructor cadre, this 6″ blade makes a great general survival knife.

  • Fighting


    $2,960.00 Read more

    Mad Dog’s signature fighter, this 10″ blade is deceptively quick, with the excellent ergonomics and build quality that we’ve built our reputation on.

  • Fighting


    $4,725.00 Read more

    Designed for the brobdignagian knife fighter, Ogoun was the first design collaboration between Kevin and Jake.

    With a 12″ blade, right at the intersection of knife and sword, this is an absolute monster of a fighter.

  • Field


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    The Coyote is not in our normal catalog. A customized Bearcat blade that’s been stretched to 7”, there are only a few of these in existence.

  • Combat


    $1,380.00 Read more

    Having a 6″ blade, the Centurion shares the combat utility chops and design ethos of the ATAK.

    Don’t let the shorter blade length fool you, this is a very capable tool.

  • Field

    Bug Bug

    $1,180.00 Read more

    With its compact, 4″ blade, the Bug Bug makes a phenomenal EDC knife.

    Designed as an update of the obsolete Pack Rat, the Bug Bug makes those daily knife tasks a breeze.

  • Combat


    $1,450.00 Read more

    With a 7″ blade, the ATAK is the foundation of our product line. Having been the only knife in history to win a sole source purchase justification by the USN SEALs, and the winner of the 1992 SEAL Knife Trials, the ATAK’s bona fides are unimpeachable.

    The ATAK is a relatively unspecialized combat utility knife. If you only have the option of one knife, this is that tool.

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