Mad Dog® Axes

Here’s How We Do Axes

axe being grinded
Axes are Mad Dog’s avocation. He enjoys making axes as artistic expression. Every Mad Dog® axe is field and battle
ready, not just another pretty face. They are not a part of our normal production. That being said, Mad Dog® axes
are in several museum collections, to include the Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Huntington
Museum. Their beauty and rarity make them extremely collectible. A portion of every axe sale goes to support
wounded warriors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order Mad Dog® Axes?

We do not take orders on axes. Mad Dog makes axes of his own design and sole authorship in his own time. If you are interested in obtaining a Mad Dog Axe, we encourage you to speak with Mad Dog directly. Mad Dog can be reached at

Can I buy more than one axe with the same design?

We do not make copies of previous axes. Some axes may have similarities, but each one is unique.

How do you determine the price of each axe?

Axes are sold at market price when they are completed.

Can I make my purchase through a dealer?

Clients that are referred through dealers will purchase through that dealer.

Can I ask for a specific style of axe?

Clients who have expressed interest in a specific style of axe will be contacted first, otherwise, the axe will be sold at auction.

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