Who Is Mad Dog Knives?

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Who Is Mad Dog?

We are the producers of Mad Dog® And War Dog® Knives. 

Our performance, reputation, and history speak for themselves. With more than 40 combined years in the knife industry, we are focused on producing the finest hard use knives possible.


mad dog knives
mad dog knives

Mad Dog

Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung

After spending many years in trades varying from veterinary surgical assistant, to arms dealer, to rocket scientist, I founded Mad Dog Knives in December on 1988. 

Although I made great knives, the first three years of Mad Dog Knives were plagued by two major obstacles.

First off, I refused to make deeply hollow ground knives or use “Damascus” steel that were so fashionable at the time, and second, I didn’t give a rat’s ass if people were too dumb to buy really excellent knives. Sales were not all that great.

All of that changed in April of 1992, when I was awarded a sole source justification to make the Mad Dog SEAL ATAK knife for the Seal Teams on both coasts. I was an “overnight sensation.”

Decades later, I am still making knives and doing design work on a variety of projects ranging from high tech dive suits to tools for the upcoming Mars Mission.  That being said, making the world’s best combat knives is still my greatest passion.

I also like shooting, fishing, archery, horsemanship, alpine skiing, and my dogs. I am currently single and have every intention of staying that way.

War Pig

Jake "War Pig" Sanchez

I am a journeyman knifemaker, working with Kevin McClung, and a co-star on the Discovery Channel series “Mad Dog Made”.

As a knifemaker, machinist, carpenter, edged weapons instructor, entrepreneur and IT worker, I assist Kevin with any tasks that need to be accomplished, from training to tech to manufacturing. I have been working with Kevin off and on since 2007, in every capacity from friend, to apprentice to partner; always working to further our mutual goal of producing the finest products possible.

As an adult, I have worked in many different capacities, as a bouncer in clubs, dives, and biker bars, as a Marine in 2d Force Recon, as a blacksmith, carpenter, cabinetmaker, aerospace machinist, design draftsman, CAD operator, IT and network administrator, and security contractor, as well as being an entrepreneur, engineer and knifemaker. In my spare time, I hunt, fish, shoot, snowboard, ski, backpack and rock climb.

To learn more about me, you can find me on:

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