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Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung of Mad Dog Knives
Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung
Jake Sanchez of Mad Dog Knives
Jake "War Pig" Sanchez

The producers of Mad Dog® and War Dog® knives, our performance, reputation and history speak for themselves. With more than 40 combined years in the knife industry, we are focused on producing the finest hard use knives possible. We create the savage edge.

our show: mad dog made

From first responders to U.S. Special Forces, these brave heroes test their limits every day by putting their lives on the line and trusting their tools.

But can their tools get the job done? That’s where outdoorsman and scientist Mad Dog comes in.

Drawing from his extensive paramilitary expertise and with the help of his spitfire daughter, Morgan, and master apprentice, Jake, Mad Dog creates state-of-the-art hand-held weapons and tools for heroes in action.

From a tactical fire axe to a super-long-range rifle used to defend against weapons of mass destruction, Mad Dog and his team push the limits of possibility to equip these heroes with gadgets they can trust with their lives.



Voodoo Hound
Large Rhino
Hell Toad
Baby Mako
Bug Bug
Voodoo Queen
Swamp Thing

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